Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about artificial lawn...
Why use QGrass

We offer a 12-year installation warranty and 8-year quality warranty.
We are one of the few synthetic grass companies that offer a complete outdoor solution for both hardscape products and turf, so you can use QPave AND QGrass as your one-stop shop!

Is artificial lawn safe?

Absolutely! 100% safe for you, your children and the environment. All the products we install are lead and toxin free and non-flammable. We take pride in only using the safest and most durable artificial grass in the world.

Is synthetic grass safe for pets?

Yes, pets love the soft feel of artificial grass. Their deposits can be picked up as per normal and the lawn can be lightly hosed off once a week if needed.

How do I keep my artificial lawn clean?

You can treat artificial grass like regular grass. You can use a rake or blower to clean up leaves and spray it clean with a garden hose.

Will QGrass synthetic lawn fade?

No, all the products we install, are UV resistant and have undergone extensive testing to ensure that the colour does not fade over time, which is all covered by our suppliers 8-year warranty.

How long does it take to install?

Most artificial grass installations take between one and three days. Obviously, this also depends on the size and readiness of the area to be covered.

Does QGrass offer a warranty?

Yes, we provide an 8-year warranty on materials and a 12-year warranty on the installation.