We all know how imperative it is to conserve water right now. With Cape Town experiencing its worst drought in over a century, we all need to work together to save this precious resource. And leading the way in paving is QPave, who have pioneered the first revolutionary form of Waterless Paving.

Traditional paving requires huge quantities of water at two different stages in the installation. At the beginning of the process the soil needs to be compacted to prevent paving from shifting and this is normally done using water, which helps to fill the pores between the soil grains. And then again at the end of the installation, water is instrumental in the grouting of the paving, where it’s used to wash cement and sand into the joints.

But that’s all changed thanks to QPave’s Waterless Paving which uses a remarkable 95% less water.

QPave have devised an alternative to the water-heavy soil compaction and grouting process of before. Our new system uses different materials which eliminates the need for water, but still provides the required level of compaction necessary to create stability for the pavers; and a superior grouting finish which actually surpasses that of traditional cement.

Apart from using only a few buckets of water to mix the concrete needed for the edge beams, the process is entirely waterless. Which helps solve the catch-22 of paving in Cape Town during the drought –many of us want to replace expansive lawns or sandy verges with paving so that we have water-wise gardens and minimise our water usage, but the impact of doing so uses more water than we’re allowed and we end up facing huge fines. But that is no longer the case. With QPave’s Waterless Paving, you can invest in your home and create the water-efficient property you need, without incurring expensive fines or wasting precious water. You can also rest easy knowing that with over 40 years industry experience, QPave offer a professional and personalised paving service that carries a 12 year material and installation warranty.

To find out how you can increase your property value, enhance your home and save vast sums of money all while saving water, call a QPave consultant today or complete the contact form and a consultant will get back to you shortly.