Commercial paving is a necessary investment for most businesses, but it’s also a pricey one so you’ll want to be selective about who you use. To help you make the best decision, keep the following tips in mind when choosing your commercial paving contractor.

Look at more than just price:

You’ll want to source at least three to four quotes, and be sure to ask for referrals from business associates or friends. When the quotes do come in, look at more than just the bottom line – look to see what each contractor has included, some may omit costs that only come to the fore once the job has begun; what warranties does each one offer? Remember it’s not just about cost, it’s also about service and experience – cheapest does not always mean best.

Check credentials:

Even if the paving contractor has been recommended by your network, it’s imperative that you do a credibility check. How long have they been in business? Are their teams well trained and experienced? Have they done commercial paving for other large reputable organisations? Do they have the necessary licences and insurances to work on a commercial property? What is their after-service like – are there warranties in place and for how long are those valid?

Follow up with their references:

It’s easy for anyone to show a portfolio of work they’ve done that looks fantastic, and while a picture might paint a thousand words, in this case it doesn’t speak to the actual workmanship or level of service from beginning to end. Be sure to call up the references, double-check their experience – did the contract go according to plan, price and schedule? And very importantly, if there were any hiccups, how were those dealt with?

Make sure there’s a contract in place:

Once you’ve made your decision and chosen the commercial paving contractor that fits the bill for you on all fronts; insist upon a written contract – a reputable contractor will never shy away from this, nor will they discourage you from asking questions or asking for clarification on any issues. By documenting all agreements – timelines, costs, and warranties – everyone has a record to refer back to, protecting both parties.

And remember, whatever your paving requirements may be, be sure to include QPave in the quote procurement phase. With more than 40 years of experience in the paving industry, a 30-day money back guarantee, and a 12-year warranty on work, QPave are one of the most reputable paving contractors in the country.