Winter is on its way to us, and while that will hopefully bring lashings of much-needed rain to Cape Town, we all know that the ‘new normal’ of conserving water is here to stay. And while that impacts on us hugely in our homes, it also impacts on how we choose to go about setting up our gardens and outdoor living spaces. Ultimately the less water we need in the long-run the better, which is why paving in Cape Town remains far and away the best solution whether it be for verges, patios, driveways, pathways or braai areas – the more hard-landscaping we can incorporate into our gardens the better.

Paving in Cape Town, as well as all parts of South Africa, may very well be the answer to minimising our water usage, but paving carries a number of other benefits too – it is:

Durable: Pavers last for aeons and they’re exceedingly tough – they can easily handle foot traffic and vehicle traffic without weakening. Their longevity therefore makes them the ideal choice for outdoor areas, whether for functionality or aesthetics.

Beautiful: Pavers come in a wide variety of different designs and colours – the possibilities truly are endless, and by choosing something that complements your home, you not only enhance its outside appeal, you ultimately add value too.

Versatile: If you’re inclined to create something unique, pavers allow you that flexibility. Perhaps you want to include your monogram somewhere on your driveway, or perhaps you want your patio to double as a life-size chess board – paving allows for that, thanks to different shapes and patterns.

Low Maintenance: Paving requires very little attention, it looks as good as new for a very long time, and using a quality sealer to avoid any stains will help keep it that way. And in the unlikely event that over time a paver is damaged, it’s simply a case of removing that paver and replacing it with another.

QPave offer you the best in high-quality paving at competitive prices, and they strive for service excellence at all times. Not only that, but they have also pioneered an industry first in Cape Town – Waterless Paving which uses a remarkable 95% less water, so not only are you saving water in the future, but you’re also saving water at the installation stage, which is paramount right now with hefty over-consumption fines. For durable, beautiful, versatile and low-maintenance paving in Cape Town that will stand the test of time, call QPave today.