Walkways, steps, garden patios and pool surrounds work together to define and enhance the aesthetics of your garden landscape. Breaking up a large area of colour with an accent colour creates beauty, interest and purpose. This is where border pavers shine. Professional paving companies use colour, texture, lines, and a combination of materials to bring more function and interest to outdoor paving.

Vintage Paver

Interlocking concrete pavers offer the most freedom out of any hardscaping materials due to their large variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colours. Expert landscape designers enhance the line of the walkways, steps and garden walls by combining various paver colours and textures. This adds an extra level of sophistication that sets specific areas apart. Border pavers are a common element used to help achieve this effect. These enhancements can be made with varying techniques. A single border in a contrasting colour can accentuate the curved lines of a walkway. A double border of different textures allows homeowners to get a custom designer look.

Interlockers with coloured border

A pathway border sends visual cues, such as where to walk and where to enter a home. Using borders around pools provides another layer of safety to help visually mark the pool deck edge. In larger patios, borders help break up large spaces and outline distinctive areas.

Pool Paving - Pavatile

Border pavers are often smaller than the rest of the pavers. This allows them to bank corners and fit into smaller spaces with less cuts. 

Talk to your QPave Representative about incorporating border details into your design.  You can discuss your individual paving requirements with our experienced advisers, to create unique home improvements which will complement the decor and style of the rest of your home perfectly. They will show you samples and examples to inspire you. Call QPave today for a free, no obligation, consultation and quotation.