Is the cost of new paving way above your budget? Then the next best thing to think about is cleaning your paving. 

If you don’t know how to pressure clean your paving properly, the chances are you are going to damage it. Some paving crumbles and breaks and the grout between them is very easy to damage too. This makes it very important to know exactly what you’re doing when you pressure clean patios, driveways or any area where paving is used. The best idea though, is to call the professionals – they may cost a little in the short term but will save you thousands in the long run. Call us now for a Pavecleen quote.

Lower Pressure for Paving Cleaning

When doing it yourself, residential paving requires low pressure to clean the paving around the house. If you are running the high pressure cleaner on high, you are just wasting water, electricity and personal energy.

Unless you do high pressure cleaning for a living and you are an accomplished pressure cleaner (as we are at QPave), you will not be able high pressure clean as fast as the water coming out of the machine. You need to lower the pressure to around 3 times the normal water pressure that comes out your tap. And with water restrictions still in place, the last thing you want is to waste too much water on cleaning your paving.

Inspect Your Paving First

If you are using too much water pressure on paving, chances are it will crumble, pit and in some cases even break the paving. No matter what kind of brick you are cleaning you need to inspect it first. You don’t want to start the cleaning, thinking you are doing a great job only to realize you have damaged your paving and the grout between them unnecessarily with too my pressure.

If the grouting comes out when doing the cleaning yourself, are you able to regrout the area properly – matching the colour of the old grout and leaving your paving looking like new?  Possibly not, and that’s why professional intervention is needed.

Finishing Off

Sealing Process

Once cleaned, your paving will look so much better.  In order to keep it that way, sealing will be the final step.

When applied by trained professionals, sealing will enhance the colour of pavers, bringing out and intensifying the natural colours of the surface;

Helps protect and maintain your paving as it will be more resistant to unwanted stains such as oil, grease, spilled food/drink, etc.

Plus, ensures preservation by stopping moisture absorption, helps prevent erosion and inhibits growth of mould/mildew/algae/fungus.

And Finally, Assists with stabilisation by protecting against rain and water degradation, Reinforcing paving integrity by hardening joint sand, which also deters weed growth and insect activity.

Together with our cleaning partner QClean, QPave have the expertise to clean and restore most types of outdoor paving including natural stone, clay and concrete brick paving using the latest in high pressure equipment as well as top of the range sealing products.

The QPave Pavecleen Process for Cleaning and Sealing your paving has been perfected over many years.  Give us a call today to get the best possible advice and no-obligation quote for cleaning, regrouting and sealing your paving.