Want to increase the value of your home or make a lasting impression in your neighbourhood? Then you need kerb appeal. But what is kerb appeal?

Kerb appeal is the first impression that a person will have when they see your home from the street. It’s essentially how appealing your home looks from the street kerb. Or, how good your home looks compared to the other houses on the block. If your home just blends in with all the other houses, its kerb appeal may not be enough to get the asking price you are looking for if you plan on selling. Having kerb appeal is very important for any homeowner, and here are two of the most important reasons why:

Lasting Impressions

It’s that first reaction a visitor has when walking up to your home for the first time. That, “Wow factor”, a comment that reinforces their perspective on the impression your home gave them.

No matter what, at the end of the day you want everyone’s first and only impression of your home to be a positive one. So, every aspect of your home’s exterior should be well designed and kept up with if you want to impress the neighbourhood, your family and maybe one day, prospective buyers.

Property Value

Whether you’re planning on selling now or in the future, the resale value of your home is always top of mind. That’s because the value of your home will play a direct role in how much it’ll hit the market for. The listing price being lower or higher depends on many factors, but one of those factors will definitely be kerb appeal.

How to Boost Kerb Appeal

If you don’t already have one, a well-designed paved driveway, walkway and an inviting, well-lit entryway, plus proper landscaping can really make a big difference in kerb appeal.

Kerb appeal - artificial grass and paving

A functional garden is another key component when it comes to increasing kerb appeal. Let’s take artificial grass for example. Artificial grass is green all year long which will leave a lasting impression on your neighbours or a great first impression for prospective buyers. The best part for you is that it’s virtually maintenance free. And while we are discussing the garden, adding any of the following outdoor elements can really add to the ambience you are trying to achieve: a water feature for a tranquil and serene space for relaxing, a deck for shade and to provide a covered area for activities, or you can even wall off an area to install a fireplace and seating for a social area to bring neighbours together.

Enhancing your home’s kerb appeal can mean the difference between cutting the price to close faster or getting your asking price if your home is on the market. It could also mean the difference between being the best or worst looking house on the block.

Give QPave a shout today for advice and a free quote on the best paving and/or artificial grass, to ensure your home has maximum kerb appeal!