This year has been a particularly crazy one, with Covid 19 hitting all of us hard. You’ve had time though to spend at home and come up with ideas to possibly improve the outside landscape. You may be looking to upgrade your paving…

Consider the following trends:

      1. Easy-clean trends. 
Many homeowners have limited time to remove stains and dirt from their driveway, patio or any outdoor paving. Fortunately, a sealant can be applied which will ensure your paving is more resistant to dirt and spills.

2. Natural look paving. 
A naturally looking exterior space is optimal as it brings you closer to nature. A sense of calmness and tranquillity is, therefore, created. It is no wonder that natural looking paving will continue to be a popular choice in 2020. Colours such as brown and grey are used while the textures tend to be rough. Different materials are being combined to create a unique look. A Professional Consultant will be able to assess and advice you on the best materials to use.

3. Blending in the interior with the exterior. 
A seamless blend of the interior and exterior is indicative that the property owner is thoughtful and creative. It creates a lasting impression and increases the property’s value. You may want to embrace the paving trend in 2020 by changing the colours and incorporating large paved spaces. The trick here is to ensure that the transition from the interior to the exterior area seems easy.

4. Irregular layouts. 
Imperfections are being celebrated more in the design world because they show love for nature. The smooth surface paving is, therefore, being replaced by textured paving options. You will find a mixture of large and small slabs arranged randomly through space. The paving must not look like an invasive part of your exterior even when you opt for irregular layouts. You can achieve perfect results by placing plants in places where pavers are absent.

5. Incorporating different levels. 
This trend helps you to add dimension and interest in a space. It is a good way of adding some spice in a boring exterior without necessarily going overboard. Again, a Professional Consultant can assist you with the ideal brick paving and design.

6. Combination of colours. 
With the aim of pushing the boundaries further, homeowners are now combining different colours in paving. Using different colour bricks or different shape pavers can go a long way to create a unique finish.

Finding Help With your Paving

These are just a few paving designs to look out for in 2020. Even so, your ability to achieve perfect results depends on the service providers.

Our QPave professional Consultants are experienced, skilled and will always advise you on the most suitable options for your property. You are assured of getting the transformation you always wanted in the exterior space. Give QPave a call today for a no-obligation free quote.