Home maintenance is one of the most dreaded things about owning a home. Whether it’s inside or outdoors, there’s always something to be done. But what if your hardscape design could decrease your home’s outdoor upkeep? Here’s a list of three outdoor living made easy ideas that will benefit your home and minimise outdoor maintenance.

1. Minimal Maintenance

Most homeowners dread dealing with front and backyard maintenance. Although paving goes a long way to minimise maintenance, if you’re set on having a lusciously beautiful lawn, artificial grass is a great alternative. QGrass has all the aesthetic benefits of real grass but is maintenance free and green all year long. It’s also allergen and pet-friendly, making it an ideal choice for homeowners with children and pets!

Front Lawn and paving

2. Make the Outdoors a Memory-Making Area

Far too many homeowners just can’t see the missed potential of not having a well-designed outdoor living space. With a little help on the design side, and a few outdoor elements- you can make your back or front garden a memory-making place for you, your family and friends to create lifelong memories in. Including a covered patio in your outdoor space allows you to easily set up chairs and make it a space for enjoying your morning coffee, or watching the sunset over a braai. During the spring and autumn seasons, this will be the ideal location to get some fresh air and calm. You could even set up a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, so you can continue to enjoy the beautiful lawn in the winter months.

Another suggestion would be to set up a braai area. This would allow you to have braais and other outdoor parties with your friends and family without being confined inside your home.

Fire Pit Paving

3. Boosting Property Value

A lot of people assume your home’s property value is only determined by its interior and structural build. Not so –  first impressions. exterior design and kerb appeal are all factors when it comes to determining property value. Real estate agents and prospective buyers will take into consideration your home’s outdoor space as well. Always remember that any investment in the improvement of your home, both inside and out, reflects the overall appearance and value of the property. Even if you’re not thinking about selling in the near future, it can’t hurt to have a home with a high property value.

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