Just to let you know that the paving job that your company has just done at our house in Marina da Gama is looking really lovely.

It is only a few days since it was completed, but what I do really want to bring to your attention is how wonderful the team was that actually did the job.

The team was led by Tyson, who managed his staff with respect, politeness and friendliness. We found it a pleasure working with him. He listened to our suggestions and how we wanted the finished job to look like, and if he had a better suggestion, he politely told us about it.

He also made an effort to communicate well with us and spent time even though it was getting late into the evening, he made sure that we had a discussion regarding the work done during the day, to ensure that we were satisfied with the quality of the work.

The Project manager was also present a lot of the time on site during the week and had a lot of suggestions for us based on past experience. We appreciated his input too.

We look forward to many years of driving onto our lovely driveway.