Although there are many designs when it comes to laying paving, there are four popular patterns to think about, for your garden, with the most popular paving designs illustrated for laying pavers along a path, a patio, for a driveway and around a pool.

Popular Paving Designs:

Let’s look at the 4 most popular paving pattern designs laid. These are:
Basket weave
Stack bond
Stretcher bond – sometimes referred to as ‘brick bond’.

All of these paving designs can be laid either 90° or 45° to the edges and depending on the application can include a row of edging pavers, perhaps in a contrasting colour too. The paving pattern illustrations below show rectangular pavers being used, but you can use square pavers instead.

Basket weave


Stretcher Bond

Stack Bond

Ideas For FootPaths

Paving designs for footpaths or walkways are varied and if the pavers are only to be subjected to just foot traffic, the paving pattern is decided purely on personal choice. ‘Stack bond’ and ‘stretcher bond’ designs are often used where a path forms a straight line which limits or eliminates the need for cutting the pavers to fit the width.

Patio Paving Design Ideas

When choosing paving patterns for a patio, you need to consider the size of the area and what type of traffic or weight the pavers will have to withstand. ‘Stretcher bond’ is a popular choice for patios; especially for small areas, with ‘basket weave’ and ‘herringbone’ popular for larger areas, and because of their interlocking design are able to handle more movement from wheels turning on them than a ‘stack bond’ laid paving design.

Driveway Design Ideas

Paving patterns for a driveway should have the pavers interlocking for lasting results. Weight is a consideration and even if you don’t have a truck on them regularly, a delivery truck can be the cause of some damage if their weight is not taken into consideration. Thicker pavers are used with ‘herringbone’ and ‘basket weave’ being very popular driveway paving patterns. A ‘basket weave’ design using clay bricks looks visually stunning, as does ‘herringbone’ using two colours. If you decide to use ‘stack bond’ or ‘stretcher bond’ paving designs there should be a row of edge pavers laid on a cement base to stop the turning wheels of a heavy vehicle from shifting the pavers.

Pool Paving Design Ideas

Paving pattern designs for around a pool generally incorporate large format pavers that are laid either using a ‘stretcher bond’ or ‘herringbone’ pattern for larger areas. Depending on the theme you are trying to create, slate could be used in a ‘crazy pattern’ design.

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